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Top Ten Shed Facts

Taken from today's Sunday Express.

1. If you laid all the sheds in the world end to end thewy would rap around the planet six and a half times.

2. The Garden Shed was voted into the Millenium Dome's national identity display as one of the top symbols of britishness.

3. Last year Britain spent £85 million on sheds.

4. The number of homes in Britain with a garden shed is 9.6 million and 52% of the population own one.

5. Delia Smith makes up her receipes in one, George Bernard Shaw wrote 'Pygmalion' in his and the inventor Trevor Bayliss build the prototype for his clockwork radio in his garden shed.

6. English Heritage has recently honoured 52 listed listed sheds in a photographic exhibition celebrating them as architectural treasures.

7. TV's most famous shed belongs to the Fowler family in 'Eastenders', but Arthur would turn in his grave if he knew that since his death it has been used as a 'passion pad', a place to harbour criminals and for his young son Martin to grow cannabis.

8. If you type the work 'SHED' into Google it lists 5,380,000 sites, with 1,740,000 devoted to them.

9. In a recent survey more than a third of those questioned would like to install a hot tub in their garden shed.

10. In 1995 police arrested a teenager in Detroit for attempting to construct a Nuclear Breeder Reactor in his parents' potting shed. For his Boy Scout Merit Badge.
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